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American Express Complaint - American Express must be in Trouble - American Express
American Express Complaint

American Express Complaint


American Express must be in Trouble - American Express

I have been a member of American Express since 1988. Started with their Green card and eventually been upgraded to Gold, Platinum and Centurion. In addition, I also have Amex Delta card and American Express Blue. On average month, I charge around over 35 thousand US dollars every month. I have always been current with my American Express payment and always sent payment on time. I am totally debt free except my mortage. I do not have any seconds nor owe any credit companies. Since last month, American Express called me and said they have put my Platinum card on hold until I clear payment of 2200 dollars. I was surprised to hear they put my American Express card on hold and told me not to charge any further as they will be declined. I asked them the reason for this since I have charged few million dollars with them from the day I became one of their members. They told me that my recent charge of $2200 and on my Platinum card was over the limit. I did not understand how they calculate their limits since I charge over 35K per month between all their cards. After long conversation, I asked them to cancel my Delta American Express card. Now I am considering canceling the others. They perhaps forgot that I pay over 3k in annual fess and charge over 350k every year. They even asked to provide w2 and tax return to proof that I am capable of paying high limits. I asked if I ever paid late since 1988. The answer was NO from them. But they insisted that I have to make payments before they can take the hold out to charge again. I am very disappointed with American Express for being a very loyal member for over twenty years. Never in my wildest dream expected this from American Express. I guess they are hurting too with financial crunch.

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Tansu says: (4 years ago)
I have had an AX Platinum card since 2001 and have never been late with payments. My card recently expired and the replacement card sent to me was a standard (clear with a blue box in the center) card with the same account number. I phoned Amex (I think it was a call centre in India) and asked why my card was no longer Platinum. The response I received was "The promotional period for my Platinum card has expired." Really...I have had the Platinum card for 13 years - what Promotional period??

geday1 says: (9 years ago)
Wow! We just received our cards 6 weeks ago and have been put on hold for the same reasons. Today we received an e-mail stating our account was cancelled even though we made the payment as scheduled in full. Don't bother getting AE cards if you are a business and need an easy to use source of money for everyday expenses. The first denial was for a tank of gas in our company van. Apparently there are issues internally.

pcola1 says: (9 years ago)
For cardholders who have been American Express members since 1985 (that's TWENTY FOUR YEARS), I am extraordinarily torqued that we are being treated so shabbily. For the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW , their BILL COLLECTORS have called and demanded payments that aren't due for anywhere from 7 to FOURTEEN days or else our charging is suspended. Pray tell, WHAT is the point of using their EXPENSIVE, WRETCHED cards, if they can arbitrarily determine we've spent enough and EXTORT a payment, when I have to play by THEIR rules. Oh, gosh, that's right! We HAVE played by THEIR RULES ~ paid our balances, in most instances DAYS EARLY, paid their exorbitant membership fees year after year after year for these now seemingly WORTHLESS cards. Our over-all balances on OTHER cards are high? But they're ALL current, correct? They're ALL PAID ahead of time and far more than the minimum balance, correct? Not to mention the fact that our combined household income allows for some pretty decent discretionary spending.

We have relied on their cards for a QUARTER CENTURY, paid their membership fees GLADLY, because AMEX was always our go-to card, be it emergency or otherwise. Now, I feel as if they are the LAST thing I'd ever want to RELY on and that saddens me. I'm terrified wondering WHAT your arbitrary limit is, God FORBID I have a reason to need to use any of their products. Do I get another extortionary phone call during a trip out of town, as I did last weekend? Do I wake up to another collections phone call for a payment due FOURTEEN DAYS HENCE, but they want it NOW, as I did this morning? How is that legal? More importantly, for your loyal customers of multiple decades, HOW is that CONSCIONABLE? 'Cause it SURE isn't CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Thank you for this eye-opening, MISERABLE experience with the things I ALWAYS thought I could rely on ~ our AMEX cards. Lotta good it does holding up OUR end of the agreement.

benzobug says: (9 years ago)
To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my deep dissatisfaction with American Express new policy of embarrassing long term customer such as myself (member since 1979)!! Today, I went to check in and rent a car and it was declined because it’s now required to make a payment before the bill is due. Wow and to think I pay the balance every month. Well, my Platinum Master Card doesn’t to have that problem. Oh, by the way, I’ll talk a lot about this policy to everyone that will listen especially at Hilton properties and so forth. I will explain how much I love this policy and how much value it really has!!

Thanks and have a great day!!

Covington La.

PS Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to pay you a yearly fee for using you great Gold Card, so full of value to me!!!

shapeties says: (10 years ago)
I have read these emails with interest. I actually go back with amex for over 30 years. I don't approve of how they are handling their business, and I have even seen a change in my card which had an extended pay option. I have made the decision to pay off all amex cards and I am changing to discover. Their customer service seems much better, and they appreciate good customers. I think amex is making the classic mistake of forgetting that the customer always comes first. It is not what you say, it is how you say it and how you deal with it. This bad policy is the beginning of the end of AMEX. Sprint PCS is dealing with a mass exodus, and once it starts it is most difficult to stop. They have the best clients, and they are treating everyone like dirt. Because their lending practices were flawed, they are over reacting, and it will cost them their business. I have personally been responsible for helping at least a dozen of my friends and clients convert to AMEX, because I thought they were the best. I am warning everyone, to liquidate their accounts and get out. I would seriously worry about owning stock in this company. Out of all the cards that I manage, we represented about 200,000, which is significantly less than your 300 and change, but they are doing this across the board. They don't belong in business..

TxMember says: (10 years ago)
I had almost the exact same thing happen to me. I have been a member for 20 years, have two card with them plus my business card. Last month I did not receive my ebill so I misses a 200 payment on my plat card. They called me and told me the card was now blocked until I made the payment. Two weeks earlier they sent me a letter telling me they were cutting off my sign & travel benefits on my gold card. The person who spoke with me was very rude and said it was because my spending habits have changed. I told her they had not, I just pulled my CR and my scores were still over 760 and I had just made a $6000 payment on my other card.

I don't know what has happened there, I know there is a lot of issues right now with the bad economy...but you think they would want to hold on to their good customers. I will be closing my accounts with them.

kcbear says: (10 years ago)
My American express cards were canceled without any warning. One of them is AmEx Costco card, which has accumulated about $300 rebate. The card was canceled just before the rebate was due to sent out. I was enticed to use the card for the rebate, now they cancel the card just to avoid paying the it. I have always paid my balances. Before they canceled the cards, the balances on my cards are actually zero. It is hard to believe that a company such as American express will use such dirty trick to do business. I called the representative, and I was told that I can apply for the card again, but the rebate will be gone.

Anyone has a similar experience? The company seems to go downhill; I will not be surprised it will go bankrupted soon.

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